Temporis Series April 20th - Temporis IV

from 20/04/2020 to 21/04/2020


Welcome to the Temporis Series, the regular tournament on Temporis organized by the KTA!

Every Monday and Thursday from 13/04 to 14/05, prepare your best set of spells and come challenge dangerous opponents!

You are on the tournament of the server Temporis IV. You can find the competitions of the other servers in the tournament list.


Ankama offers a cashprize in Kamas to winners!

2 millions of kamas will be shared between the different champions. The number of champions depends on the number of registered players, according to the system described in the rules below.

If less than 16 teams are registered on a server, the cash prize will be proportionally reduced.



All times are shown in UTC+2 time zone.

The tournament takes place on the Temporis IV server on Monday 20/04 from 8pm on the maps of the Goultard Arena indicated in the Calendar tab.

The matches are played in 2v2 in one match (BO1). A defeat is eliminatory.

It is forbidden to use the same spell on both characters of the same team (with the exception of class actives). However, using two different versions of the same spell (e.g., level 4 Water Coin Casting and level 125 Air Coin Casting) is allowed.

Each participant must have a KTA account. For this, you can follow the first step of this tutorial: "Create a KTA account".


Registrations are open from 18/04 2pm to 20/04 7pm via a button on this page. Participants must have entered an Ankama account nickname on their KTA profile, and must indicate their in-game nickname when registering.

Registered teams must validate their participation during a check-in on this page just before the start of the tournament. This check-in will be open on 20/04 from 7:30pm to 7:50pm and participants will have to fill in their character's level. Registered teams without check-in will not be able to participate.

At the end of the check-in, trees with a power of 2 teams (2, 4, 8 or 16) are formed, in order to get as many people to participate as possible. Depending on the number of registrants, it is possible that some may not be able to participate; it will be the last registered who will be concerned.

The trees are made up by grouping the teams by level. The level of a team is defined by the level of its best member.


Once the check-in complete, teams will be able to see their fight tree in the Rankings tab, and their matches in the Matches tab.

The tournament is in "self-management", so participants must be autonomous and follow these proceedings:

  • From the time a match is defined, teams have 15 minutes to launch it. It is therefore necessary to follow carefully the evolution of the Matches tab of the tournament.
  • At the end of the matches, the participants must enter the result on the match sheet (accessible from the Matches tab fo the tournament). A screenshot of the result must be filled in to prevent any dispute.
  • Both teams of a match must enter the same result for it to be validated. If two different results are entered, the organization will determine which one is good. If only one result is entered, it will be automatically validated after 10 minutes. Cheating on the entry of a result will be sanctioned.
  • As soon as a match is known (i.e. as soon as both teams have finished their previous round), it will appear in the Matches tab of the tournament.

A team can declare its opponents forfeit if one of these conditions is met:

  • Its first opponents of the tournament are not ready at 8:15pm, or its opponents of the following matches are not ready within 15 minutes after the match generation time (this time is indicated on the match sheet).
  • His opponents have used on both characters the same spell (which is not a class active or two different versions of the same spell).
  • The level of his opponents is different from the one indicated on the site.

Forfeits are to be informed on the match sheets.

Spectator mode must be open during matches.