How to participate to the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena

This document shows you how to register and participate to the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena.

Register to Krosmoz Tournaments Arena

The first thing to do is to register to Toornament.
In the navigation bar, while disconnected, you can access to Toornament. You'll be able to create an account through the 'Log in' button, in the top-right corner, and by pressing on Sign up.
Once done, You'll just have to go to the KTA website to connect with your Toornament ids. You can personalize your personal parameters.

Please consult the confidentiality policy for all questions about the confidential informations you may send to us.

Create your team

Once connected, you'll be able to create your team. To do so, you'll just have to, in the navbar, go to Team > Create your team.
You'll have to fill it's name, you can add a logo and some more informations if you want to.
To recruit other members, all you have to do is clic on the recruit button on their personnal profile page.
Don't forget to fill your Ankama Games nickname in your personnal information settings. It's very important.

Register to a Tournament

To register to a tournament, all you have to do is to go to it's tournament page.
If the registrations are opened, a 'Register' button should be in the top right corner of the page. It will lead you to the registration form.
You'll have to indicate the participating players and fill their in game nicknames. If the tournament is in fixed compositions, please indicate the 3 classes that you will play. If a 4th class option is available, leave it blank.

Once done, you'll be left pending. A referee will accept your registration as soon as possible, you just have to wait a little.

If you've done some mistakes in your registration, don't worry, don't delete anything, just ask a referee and he'll update the incorrect informations.


You're up to go ! All the informations you need are in the tournament page, but you can come to the KTA's Discord for more informations. You'll be able to contact the tournament referee's and administrators.

Have fun in the arena !