Common rules of all Krosmoz Tournaments Arena events.

This document states all common rules of all affiliated tournaments.


  • All descriptions in the personal profile or team descriptions must not be inappropriate. All pornographic or insulting words or intentions are strictly prohibited.
  • All participants, commentators or organizers must respect each others. Provocations or insults are strictly prohibited.
  • All tournaments take place in the tournament server. Therefore, everyone has all 18 characters, level 200 with all 160+ equipments, plus the Dreggon Helmet. All characters have 100 additional statistic points and an infinite 1 AP / 1 MP / 1 Range buff.
  • All tournaments will be in 3v3.
  • Since all tournaments are in a tournament server, tournament accounts will be lent for the purpose. Once a tournament is over, or once your team is eliminated, your access to the tournament account will be revoked.
  • All tournaments will be organized by the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena and are sponsored by Ankama Games.
  • All lent tournament account will be checked. If someone does an infraction on the account, a case will occur and will determine the responsible. Once determined, he or she will be permanently banned from the KTA season in progress and penalties from Ankama Games can be taken.

Teams and registrations

  • All teams have to registrer through the website to participate in a KTA tournament.
  • A valid team must be at least a 3 members team to participate in a tournament.
  • Everyone can participate since we lend tournament accounts. Once you're registered, your account can be found in the 'Profile' tab in the navigation bar, in the 'Tournament server' panel.
  • All participants MUST inform the Ankama Games Nickname in their personal profile page.
  • A team can group participants from different servers.
  • Changing the roaster of a team during a tournament is strictly prohibited.
  • After the first participation to a tournament, a team must have at least 2 members of the original roaster of this tournament. Those 2 members must be the same throughought the season. They can do all the changements they want if this rule is respected.


  • A begun match will never be restarted, even if a bug or a connexion problem occurs.
  • The spectator mode has to be opened during all matches.
  • A team can not be 15 minutes late for a match. Past this limit, the on-time team can declare the delayed one forfeit. If both teams are absent or incomplete, a double-forfeit will be declared.
  • If there’s a Draft-type match, all drafts must take place on the KTA draft’s module. The preparation time is 30 minutes and a forfeit can be asked after 40 minutes by the team that's ready on time.
  • A team that’s cumulated two unjustified forfeit will be eliminated from the tournament in progress and won’t receive any reward.
  • Once a match is over, both teams must take a screenshot of the match result and report it to the KTA Discord server. If the reported results differ, the screenshot will determinate the result. If there’s no screenshot, the first reported result will be taken.
    Tip : If you’ve forgotten to screenshot the end match screen, click on the “Battle complete” in the chat to re-open it.
  • A resurrected character by an Osamodas is counted for a dead character in the end.
  • It is forbidden to leave a match if it has consequences on it. (For exemple, if it changes the resurrection order of an Osamodas).
  • For all non-bracket matches, except for the last one of qualifiers, the Draw rule is to apply, except for the Gold League and the last round match of the other league tournaments. A match is considered over at the 21th turn mark. If both teams have the exact number of alive character - excluding Osamodas’ resurrection - the match is considered a Draw. If a team has more alive character, the relevant team wins.

Tournament points and ranking

All ranking criteria are in the following order :

  1. Swiss points (SP)

    A victory grant 3 SP, a draw grant 1 SP and a defeat grant none.
    In case of a forfeit, the forfeit team has no point while the other team earns 3 SP.
    In case of a double forfeit, the 2 teams get no point.

  2. Buccholz (PVA)

  3. Additional Points (AP)

    Additional points depends of the match result and the number of surviving characters.

    Victory Defeat
    3 - 0 60 5
    2-0 or 3-1 at the 21th turn mark 45 15
    1-0 or 3-2 or 2-1 at the 21th turn mark 30 25
    Draw 30
    Forfeit 60 0
  4. Head-to-head match result

  5. If no Tie-Breaker is possible, the referee will take a decision (non-exhaustives possibilities : KTA points, Tie-Breaker match, Registration time, etc.)

Point System & Qualifications

The season 3 will have 5 tournaments :

  • 3 qualification tournaments : 2 KT Opens & The Inglorium
  • 2 end-of-season tournaments : Externam & KT Finals

KT Opens are tournaments with 7 rounds in fixed compotions followed by drafted play offs.
The play offs are played by 40 teams :

  • Qualified teams from 9th to 40th plays each other in a single elimination bracket in BO1. 8 teams come out of it.
  • Those 8 teams face the 8 teams from 1st to 8th of the round phase in a BO3 single elimination bracket.

The Inglorium has a pretty similar system, with few differences :

  • All matches are Drafts.
  • There's 2 more swiss rounds, meaning there is 9 in all
    • Participate to season tournaments gives you a chance to get qualified to end-of-season in 2 ways :

      • Direct qualification
      • KTA points with a general ladder

      All informations about the qualification points are in the following tab :

      KT Open Inglorium
      Victoire d'un match de ronde 10 points KTA (7 rondes) 15 points KTA (9 rondes)
      Top 24 - 17 20 30
      Top 16 - 9 40 60
      Top 8 - 5 70 Qualifié Externam - 100
      Top 4 & 3 Qualifié Externam - 100 Qualifié KT Finals - 140
      Top 2 Qualifié KT Finals - 130 Qualifié KT Finals - 180
      Top 1 Qualifié KT Finals - 160 Qualifié KT Finals - 220

Qualifications to KT Finals

The KTA season ends with the KT Finals, a tournament with only the 16 best teams, with a higher cashprize and qualification places for the Dofus Cup and an exclusive title in game.

Qualification criterias to KT Finals :

  • There are 16 places in the KT Finals.
  • 8 direct qualification places during the season, as defined in the previous tab.
  • If a team win multiple direct qualification places, or if some of the qualified teams can't play, the best teams of the ladder will be qualified.
  • The 8 others will come from the Externam

Qualification criterias to the Externam :

  • There are 32 places in the Externam.
  • 8 direct qualification places are available throughout the season, as defined in the previous tab. It is possible that one or several of those won't be given, if the teams that win them are already qualified to the Externam or the KT Finals.
  • The general ladder will complete the 32 teams.


In case of non-compliance with the said rules, penalties can be applied by the KTA members. The theoretical tab is as follow.

Action Penalty
Bad behaviour (insults, etc.) 1 warning
3 warnings -20 KTA points + Disqualification for the tournament in progress or followed.
5 warnings Disqualification of the progress KTA season
Cheating -10 KTA points + 1 warning
Lending an account to an other team member The tournament access are revoked + 1 warning

The KTA team can modify the penalties depending of how grave the situation is.
A penalty is for the team, even if only one player is in fault.
All warnings are accumulated in the season. They are re-set to 0 at the season end.

The KTA may modify part or all rules to ensure the smooth functioning of the season.