Tarkan Cup

desde 05/02/2023 a 23/02/2023



Registration phase : from January 29th 8PM (French time so GMT +1) until February 3rd (you need to create an account if you don't already have one). Then click on "registration".

Check-in: February 3rd until February 4th 11:59PM (GMT +1)

Sunday February 5th 8PM (GMT +1): 3 swiss rounds

Tuesday February 7th 8PM (GMT +1): 3 swiss rounds

Thursday February 9th 8PM (GMT +1): 3 swiss rounds

Sunday February 12th 8PM (GMT +1): 3 swiss rounds

Thursday February 16th 8PM (GMT +1): 32nd and 16th of finals (BO3)

Saturday February 18th 8PM (GMT +1): 8th and 4th of finals (BO3)

Thursday February 23rd 8PM (GMT +1): demi and final (BO3)



The tournament is limited to 650 people.

The tournament is taking place on the KTA's special server, you will have all the 19 classes available on your account.

You need to rename your character with the name provided during your registration (if you don't you will be banned after the first round)

You get a bonus on your character that provides 1AP, 1MP, 1 Range

Swiss round system: Win -> 3 points, Lose -> 0 point, Tie -> 1 point.

If a player misses his first match then it will count as a forfeit for the whole tournament.

A match non-finished at the beginning of the turn 31 will count as a tie.

After each match both the players must submit the result on the KTA website with the end of the match's screenshot in the match tab. If you don't submit your result you will get a warning and 2 warnings mean forfeit.

If a player quit a match for whatever reason, the other player wins the match (follow the rules and don't rematch for whatever reasons).

You will see on Discord for each round the placement on the map (you must follow this placement otherwise you lose the match) : #maps channel.

For each round you are allowed a delay of maximum 20 minutes after the start time, if you don't start your match before the end of the delay the player which was not present, loses.

If you do now follow the rules or the restrictions you will be directly banned from the tournament.

If you have any questions you can ask them on the discord in the #questions channel.

Play fairly and be respectful of others, taunt and bad behavior will get get you sanctions.

If you have a problem during the tournament please contact one of the following admin : Scoty / Adviitam / Proda / Highlander / Scharka / Emotive



You cannot use the weapon "Pandamonium wand" but you can equip it. The following classes are allowed to hit other players with it : Eniripsa, Feca, Cra, Pandawa and Masqueraider.

You cannot equip the shield "Death-defying"

You cannot equip more than one item of the set "Cire Momore's Curse". But you can equip one item of your choice from this set.



Forbidden spells : Berserk, Libation



Forbidden item : Domakuro

Forbidden spell : Leafy tree



Forbidden item : Black-spotted dofus

Forbidden spell : Perfidy

Forbidden combination (you can pick one of the two spells but not both of them) : Misconstrual - Chakra



Forbidden spells : Hand, Knell



You must use the resilient bomb instead of the normal ones for every element.

Forbidden combination (you can pick one of the two spells but not both of them) : Walking bomb - magnetic trap



Forbidden item : Fallanster's Rectitude

Spell & items you cannot play : Dragon heart, Sparkling Silver dofus



You cannot use Armour-Plating on yourself

Forbidden combination (you can pick one of the two spells but not both of them) : Lifesaver - Bathyscaphe



Forbidden combination (you can pick one of the two spells but not both of them) : Tribute - Contribution