Les Rois du Coffre

desde 07/08/2022 a 20/08/2022


In order to keep you busy during the summer period between KTA tournaments and the end of Temporis 7, we created a new tournament with alternative rules just for you!

Inspired by the "Conquest" format found on Hearthstone, the principle is simple: force you to master several compositions and vary your options.

Each team must have 4 compositions of 3 classes and must succeed in winning two matches with two different compositions following a draft phase! Eliminate the powerful compositions of your opponents in order to ensure your two necessary victories!


The winners of the tournaments will get a <batailleurs> item!


First of all, it will be necessary to join our discord server in order to validate your registration and make your drafts.


  • 16 teams maximum with 3 to 4 players each: NO MULTIACCOUNT
  • Enter your team name and players on our Discord in the #inscriptions room
  • Once the registration is validated, send your compositions in PM to Skyzio#5369 on Discord, paying attention to the order in which they are given, this will define the final order.


  • Registrations : Tuesday 02/08 to Saturday 06/08
  • Round 1 : Sunday 07/08 - 20h
  • Round 2 : Tuesday 09/08 - 20h
  • Round 3 : Thursday 11/08 - 20h
  • Eight-final : Sunday 14/08 - 20h
  • Quarter-final : Wednesday 17/08 - 20h
  • Semi-final : Saturday 20/08 - 20h
  • Finale : Sunday 21/08 - 20h

(all lines are Paris time)


  • The matches are all played in BO3 with two winning games
  • The draft phase starts at 8pm, the first match at 8.30pm and then a 20 minute wait between each match with a maximum delay of 10 minutes for each phase.
  • Draft format :