PVM Contest

desde 20/01/2024 a 21/01/2024


Welcome to PvM Contest, the first PvM Event open to everyone, on tournament Server in the history of Dofus!

Tryharders or simply people that love the content, you are in the right place.


The team with the best score from the 2 Trials together, wins a Katiay Clan Shield.

The best team from each Trial can choose to win one of these packs: Pack Virizeon, Skratiay, Drakatiay, Arjan, Aurum, Sohrond or Bolrogs.


You don't need to sign up for the PvM Contest. You will just have to get Tournament Access.

Multi-Account is permitted. You will need to get several accounts to get several accesses to the server.

It's possible to fight groups of monsters freely and unlimitedly throughout the trials. It is permitted to change classes unconditionally between fights, the only restriction being the prohibition on having the same class twice in a composition.

Only 4-character entries are accepted for the ranking. You must be present on the KTA Discord server to be included in the rankings.

To find teammates, go to the KTA Discord, where you can use "search-mates" channel in the PVM Contest section to search for them!


Trial 1 : 20/01 from 14h to 19h

Trial 2 : 21/01 from 15h to 19h


The first event is a Monster Rusher specially designed for the event.

There are 6 battles, 3 of difficulty 1 and 3 of difficulty 2, all accessible on tournament maps.

The aim is to complete each battle as quickly as possible. The criteria are the number of rounds and the duration of the fight. Both criteria are taken into account on the same attempt, so it's impossible to make a faster attempt but with more turns.

After each fight you win, your score will improve and you can be included in the ranking.

- take a screenshot of the result of your battle without any modifications and with the time visible via the /time command in Dofus chat. All player names and classes must be visible.

-post your screenshot in the "results" channel of the "PVM Contest" section in the KTA Discord, indicating the exact nicknames of all players and the number of the group you fought. Example: Shax Ayarana Alcanes Midl Group 4

-results must be reported within 15 minutes of the end of the fight


The second event is a repeat of Die & Retry from KrosmoLAN 2, adapted for 4-character participation. The fight is accessible on the tournament maps.