Tournament server

  • KTA tournaments are played on a specific tournament server. Each participant receives an account on this server with the 18 DOFUS classes at level 200 each having:
    • All items level 160 and above and some exceptions
    • All weapons level 160 and above as well as Furritung, in all possible elements
    • All pets and mounts at level 100. Please note, as with a classic DOFUS account, the stable is shared between all characters on the account. A mount equipped on one character is therefore no longer available for the others
    • A permanent bonus of 1 AP, 1 PM and 1 Range
  • To connect to this server, IDs are available on this page when you have an accepted tournament registration. These are IDs of a normal DOFUS account, you just have to connect with it.
  • At your first connection, you must change your nickname (using a potion you have in inventory) to the one you entered when registering for the tournament. If your nickname is not available :
    • Either the registrations for the tournament are not finished, in this case you must modify your registration to put a new nickname.
    • Either the tournament registrations are finished, in this case you must contact an organizer on Discord to clearly explain your case.
  • It is strictly forbidden to modify the information of the account that is lent to you, you will be definitively banned from the KTA if you do so.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave the tournament area.
  • KTA users are responsible for all that happens to the accounts loaned to them, and will have to answer to acts committed with these before the KTA organization as well as before Ankama Games.
  • The access to the tournament server is removed if a tournament is withdrawn. In addition, access is removed for all registered players before each final (except for finalists).
  • You will always receive the same tournament account each time you register for a tournament, unless you do not register for a long period of time. Your account can then be given to another player, and therefore, in case of a first participation, it is possible to receive an account already used in the past.