Dofus World Cup

from 25/09/2022 to 28/10/2022


Welcome to the Dofus World Cup, the biggest Dofus tournament open to all!

Played entirely in draft on tournament server, the Dofus World Cup brings together the greatest Dofus PVP players and welcomes without limit of number all those who want to start the adventure of tournaments. Don't hesitate to be part of it!


All semi-finalists are qualified for the Dofus Masters.

The cashprize is 3000€ to which will be added 15% of the sale of Aurum and Esport Pack. Don't hesitate to support the KTA by purchasing them!

The winners win 50% of the cashprize (1500€ minimum), a Champion Set, an Escuktaeon of their choice and a Battler Item of their choice.

The finalists win 30% of the cashprize (900€ minimum), a Silver or Bronze Escuktaeon and a Battler Item of their choice.

The semi-finalists win 10% of the cashprize (300€ minimum), a Bronze Escuktaeon and a Battler Item of their choice.

The quarter-finalists win a Batter item of their choice.



Registrations are open from 13/09/22 2pm to 23/09/22 11:59pm.

All teams can register, without any level, server or league conditions. If you don't know how to register, you can follow this tutorial.

Registrations are validated within 24 hours. Each registered player will receive identifiers to access the tournament server here (Tournaments tab, Tournament server)It is imperative to read the instructions of this page, and in particular to take in game the nickname given at the registration thanks to potions present in inventory.


It is strongly recommended to join the KTA Discord server.

The tournament rules include the general rules of the KTA.

All times are on CEST.

The tournament takes place from 25/09/22 to 28/10/22 according to the schedule present in the Calendar tab. It is composed of 13 Swiss rounds and playoffs from RO64.

All matches are played after a draft phase on the KTA draft module. More information about drafts here.

The time of the matches is the time of the draft. Teams are allowed a maximum of 10 minutes late to start the draft before they can be declared forfeit by their opponents. After the end of the draft, teams must have thrown the match before the forfeit time indicated on the draft.

After each match, teams must report the result with a screen on their match sheet, available from the Matchs tab. In case of victory by forfeit of the opposing team, the result must also be reported with a screen of the draft not made and the time.


In order to make the drafting format on Dofus more dynamic, some changes have been made for the Dofus World Cup compared to the usual system:

  • the time of the choices in draft is reduced from 60 to 30 seconds
  • the time of preparation after the end of a draft is reduced from 30 to 20 minutes in rounds, and to 15 minutes in final phases
  • the concept of "Golden Kill" is introduced for all tournament matches. From turn 16, the first team with a numerical superiority wins the match. In rounds, the draw rule is maintained at the beginning of round 21.


The qualifications are played in the format of Swiss rounds.

For each match, the draft letter for each match is determined as follows: if a team had less often the choice than its opponent in its previous matches, then it has the letter choice for the match. If both teams had so much choice in their previous matches, then the letter choice is randomly assigned.

A victory earns 3 Tournament Points, a draw earns 1 Tournament Point, a defeat earns no Tournament Points. Additional Points are also distributed as defined in the general regulations.

The classification criteria are in order of priority: Tournament Points > Percentage of Victory of Opponents encountered (PVA) > Additional Points > Direct result between the teams > Best defeated teams.


The 64 best teams in qualifiers are qualified in playoffs. These are structured around a classic combat tree, where the 1st fight the 64th, the 2nd the 63rd, etc.

Until the quarter finals, the matches are played in 2 winning games (BO3). The semi-finals and the final are played in 3 winning games (BO5).

The highest ranked team in the qualifiers has the choice of the draft letter for the odd games, and the other team has it for the even games.

From match 2, the drafts must be thrown within 10 minutes of the end of the previous game, without possible delay.


The final will be played in a LAN, at the Espot Paris, on Friday October 28th at 1pm. In order to guarantee a quick sequence of matches, drafts will be done on October 27th at 8pm.

The KTA will pay up to 200€ per player for travelling expenses. A transfer of the budget of a player for another of the team could be considered depending on the situation. Any additional costs will either be paid by the participants or deducted from their share of the cash prize.

At least one member of each team must be able to attend the event. If a team is unable to attend, it will be disqualified and will not receive any award from the tournament. In this case, the team they beat in the semi-final will be called back for a retake. If this new team is unable to attend, then another team will be called back in the part of the tree of the absent team, with as criterion elimination phase > ranking in rounds.