Silver Championship - Spring 2024

from 26/05/2024 to 17/06/2024


Welcome to the Silver Championship!

This tournament is reserved to the 10 teams of the Silver League.


Silver tournament’s winners earns a Silver Escuktaeon.

The first 3 teams win a Battler item.



The tournaments rules include the general rules.

All times are in CET.

Registration is open from 17/05/24 2pm to 24/05/24 11.59pm.

The tournament takes place from 27/05/24 to 17/06/24 according to the schedule present in the Calendar tab. It is composed of a group phase and final phases.

The preparation time after the draft is 15 minutes.

No draw is possible during the Silver Championship.


The 10 teams are divided into 2 groups of 5, with seeding based on the Dofus Qualifier. Seeds are paired (1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc.) and one team from each pair is randomly assigned to each group.

Each team plays all the others in its group in two-way matches, alternating between A and B on the draft. The order of the matches as well as the assignment of the draft letter is random.

A victory earns 3 Tournament Points and a defeat no one (each confrontation being composed of 2 matches, there are 24 Tournament Points to won in total). Additional Points are also distributed as defined in the general regulations.

The ranking criterias are: Tournament Points > Direct results between teams (regardless of the number of deaths) > Additional Points.

In case more than 2 teams are tied in Tournament Points, the direct result criterion is calculated by adding the number of victories obtained against all other tied teams.

Tie-break matches will take place if necessary on 07/06/24 at 8pm.


The 2nd and 3rd teams from each group qualify for the quarter-finals, with the 2nd teams facing the 3rd teams from the other group.

The best team from each group qualifies directly for the semi-finals, and is placed on the same side of the tree as the 2nd from the other group.

A small final is played between the losers of the semi-finals.

The confrontations are played in 2 winning matches (BO3). The highest-ranked team in qualifiers has the draft letter choice in games 1 and 3, the other team has it in game 2. Drafts are made as games go on and not all at the beginning. Drafts for games 2 and 3 must be thrown within 10 minutes of the end of the previous game, without possible delay.


The winners are promoted to Gold.

The other teams are relegated to Bronze.