Dofus Championship - Spring 2024

from 26/05/2024 to 16/06/2024


Welcome to the Dofus Championship!

This tournament is reserved to the 8 teams of the Gold League.


The cashprize is €1000, plus 10% of cosmetics sales on the Smiz boutique from 30/05/24 to 30/06/24.

The cashprize distribution is:

  • Winners: 50%
  • Finalists: 25%
  • Third place: 15%
  • Fourth place: 10%

The championship winners earn a Gold Escuktaeon.

The first 3 teams win a Battler item.



The tournaments rules include the general rules.

All times are in CET.

Registration is open from 17/05/24 2pm to 24/05/24 11.59pm.

The tournament takes place from 26/05/24 to 16/06/24 according to the schedule present in the Calendar tab. It is composed of a championship and playoff in Gauntlet format.

The preparation time after the draft is 15 minutes and 10 minutes in final.

No draw is possible during the Dofus Championship.

Each Gold team must be in their assigned voice room on the KTA Discord server during each of their games (draft and preparation included). It is forbidden to receive any outside assistance from outside the team from the beginning of a draft until the end of the associated match.

If the logo or name of a Gold team is judged inappropriate for event communication, the organization can require the team to change it.


Each team plays all the others in two-way matches, alternating between A and B on the draft. The order of the matches as well as the assignment of the draft letter is random.

Each game day, the 4 BO2 are divided into two pairs. In each pair, the 4 games must be played one after the other, according to these rules:

  • The draft of match 1 of the first BO2 starts at 8pm.
  • The draft of match 1 of the second BO2 starts at 8:30 pm.
  • For the second match of each BO2, the draft must start within 10 minutes after the end of the first match, without possible delay
  • As all matches are streamed, players must wait for the start signal from the stream which broadcast them before starting a match.

A victory earns 3 Tournament Points and a defeat no one (each confrontation being composed of 2 matches, there are 42 Tournament Points to won in total). Additional Points are also distributed as defined in the general regulations.

The ranking criterias are: Tournament Points > Direct results between teams (regardless of the number of deaths) > Additional Points > Addition of the opponent's tournament points for each draft won against a team.

In case more than 2 teams are tied in Tournament Points, the direct result criterion is calculated by adding the number of victories obtained against all other tied teams.

Tie-break matches will take place if necessary on 10/06/24 at 8pm.


The 4 best teams of the championship are qualified for playoff in Gauntlet format:

  • A first confrontation opposes the teams ranked 4th and 3rd of the championship
  • The winners play the team ranked 2nd in the championship
  • The winners play the team ranked 1st in the championship

The two first confrontations are played in BO3 (best of 3 games) and the final in BO5 (best of 5 games). The highest-ranked team in championship has the draft letter choice in games 1, 3 and 5, the other team has it in games 2 and 4.

Drafts are made as games go on and not all at the beginning. Drafts for games 2 and 3 must be thrown within 10 minutes of the end of the previous game, without possible delay.


There are no forfeit linked to lateness in Gold league.

Any delay by a team in the start of a draft or match will result in a penalty.

These sanctions evolve during the championship phase:

  • 1st lateness: Warning
  • 2nd lateness: 30 KTA Points + 30 Additional Points
  • 3rd lateness: 30 KTA Points + 1 Tournament Point
  • 4th lateness: 30 KTA Points + 2 Tournament Point
  • 5th lateness: 30 KTA Points + 3 Tournament Point
  • 6th lateness: Tournament elimination

The lateness counter is reset to 0 in playoff. The first delay is a warning, and the following ones apply a 5% penalty to the amount of the cashprize won by the team.

Every 3 minutes after the sanction of a delay, an additional delay will be distributed if the team is still not ready.


The teams ranked 1 to 5 are maintained Gold.

Teams ranked 6 to 8 are relegated to Bronze.