Temporis 7 - Tournoi des 4 éléments

from 15/08/2022 to 28/08/2022


Welcome to the Four Elements Tournament of Temporis 7 - Osatopia!

The tournament is played in teams of 2 of level 190 minimum, with 2 different classes filled in at registration.


Top 32 : "Elemental Fighter" Title

Top 8 : Conquering Garudania (ceremonial petsmount)

Top 4 : 3-month subscription pack

Top 2 : 6-month subscription pack

Top 1 : Champion Set + 1-year subscription pack


The complete rules of the tournament are available on the official Dofus website at this link. The general regulation of the KTA is also applicable for the relevant rules.

It is strongly recommended to join the Discord server of the KTA and to take the role Temporis in the home chan.

The hours are in CEST.


Registration: from Monday 01/08 2pm to Thursday 11/08 11.59pm.

Matches :

  • Round 1: Monday 15/08 8pm
  • Round 2: Monday 15/08 9.30pm
  • Round 3: Tuesday 16/08 8pm
  • Round 4: Tuesday 16/08 9.30pm
  • Round 5: Thursday 18/08 8pm
  • Round 6: Thursday 18/08 9.30pm
  • Round 7: Friday 19/08 8pm
  • Round 8: Friday 19/08 9.30pm

  • RO32: Monday 22/08 8pm
  • RO16: Wednesday 24/08 8pm
  • RO8: Friday 26/08 8pm
  • Semi final: Sunday 28/08 2pm
  • Final: Sunday 28/08 6pm

The maximum delay is 10 minutes, beyond that, the teams not ready can be declared forfeit.


After registration, the teams will be sorted randomly into one of four pools. Each pool will represent one element: Water, Fire, Air and Earth.

The element Water is represented by Nozadah, Fire by Huz, Air by Sapeuh and Earth by Humility.

The top 8 of each pool will qualify for the finals.

The finals are played in BO3, with 2 1v1 (whose order of play is defined by the order of registration of the players) and 1 2v2.

The tournament is played on the classic Temporis server. No equipment is provided, participants must use their own stuff.

The two players on each team must not have any doubles of Modsters in their spell decks when they are in the same match.

Players take only 25% of any damage received, and Modsters take 75%.

Spectator Mode must remain open for the entirety of the official matches.

  • The modster Papalm Tree is prohibited.
  • During the round phases only, the limit turn is at the Beginning of the 26th round.