Dofus Qualifier - Summer 2024

from 30/06/2024 to 28/07/2024


Welcome to the Dofus Qualifier

Open to all except Gold teams with no limit of places, the Dofus Qualifier is an opportunity to prove your value in the arena, and try to qualify in Championship!


The tournament champions win a Bronze Escuktaeon.

The first 3 teams win a Battler item.

2 place in Gold (Dofus Championship).

10 places in Silver (Silver Championship).



The tournaments rules include the general rules.

All times are in CET.

Registrations are open from 17/06/24 at 2:00 pm until 28/06/24 at 11:59 pm.Some help is available here if needed.

The tournament takes place from 30/06/24 to 28/07/24 according to the schedule present in the Calendar tab. It is composed of 10 Swiss rounds and playoffs in double elimination for the 32 best teams.

Reminders of the general rules:

  • all matches are played after a draft phase on the KTA draft module
  • more information about drafts here
  • teams can have 10 minutes late to start the draft
  • after the draft, the preparation time to launch the match is 20 minutes during the rounds and 15 minutes during the final phases


The Dofus Qualifier begins with Swiss rounds qualifier. All registered teams have 10 matches to play over the first 4 days. The Swiss rounds system matches by draw teams with the same number of wins and losses in each round. The draw for a round can therefore only be made once all the results of the previous round are known, so during match days teams only know their opponents shortly before the matches.

During the rounds, the draft letter for each match is determined as follows: if a team had less often the choice than its opponent in its previous matches, then it has the letter choice for the match. If both teams had so much choice in their previous matches, then the letter choice is randomly assigned.

A victory earns 3 Tournament Points, a draw earns 1 Tournament Point, a defeat earns no Tournament Points.

The classification criteria are in order of priority: Tournament Points > Percentage of Victory of Opponents encountered (PVA) > Direct result between the teams > Best team defeated.

The PVA is calculated by dividing the sum of all the victories won by the teams encountered by the number of matches played by these teams. For example, after 3 rounds, if the teams encountered have 3/3, 2/3 and 0/3 victories, the PVA is 5/9 = 55.56%. A draw counts as half a victory in the calculation.

The PVA is used to illustrate the difficulty of a course, by giving the advantage to teams who have faced the strongest teams.

Being forfeited on 2 matches in the entire tournament will lead to a disqualification, unless in exceptional circumstances explained to a staff member on Discord.


The 32 best teams in qualifiers in division 1 are qualified in playoffs, which are played in double elimination, with a Winner Bracket and a Loser Bracket.

Teams start in the Winner Bracket, with the top 1 vs the top 32, 2 vs 31, etc. If a team loses in the Winner Bracket, it moves into the Loser Bracket. If teams lose in the Loser Bracket, they are eliminated. There are no great final between Winner and Loser Bracket.

The confrontations are played in 2 winning matches (BO3). The highest-ranked team in qualifiers has the draft letter choice in games 1 and 3, the other team has it in game 2. Drafts are made as games go on and not all at the beginning. Drafts for games 2 and 3 must be thrown within 10 minutes of the end of the previous game, without possible delay.


2 teams are promoted to Gold:

  • the winner of the Winner Bracket
  • the winner of the Loser Bracket

10 teams are promoted to Silver:

  • the loser of the Loser Bracket final 2
  • the loser of the Loser Bracket final 1
  • the 2 losers of the Loser Bracket semi-finals 2
  • the 2 losers of the Loser Bracket semi-finals 1
  • the 4 losers of the Loser Bracket quarter final 2

In case of withdrawal among the teams already qualified in Gold before the Qualifier then more qualifying places will be offered to the Qualifier, with the logic final phase reached > placement in rounds.