Bronze League Tournament 2

from 20/05/2020 to 14/06/2020


Welcome to the Bronze League Tournament!

This tournament is open to all teams which are not in the Silver or Gold league. There is no limit of places.

The main goal is simple: success to qualify in the Silver League!


The 16 teams reaching the Round of 16 are qualified in the Silver League.

The tournament champions win an original cosmetic shield on Dofus at the effigy of the KTA Bronze League.


The tournament rules include the general rules as well as the Bronze League rules.

Registrations are open from 05/15/20 2pm to 05/18/20 11:59pm.

The tournament takes place from 05/20/20 to 06/14/20 according to the schedule present in the Calendar tab. It is composed of 10 Swiss rounds in BO1 and playoffs starting from the RO32 in BO3.

Reminders of the general rules:

  • all matches are played after a draft phase on the KTA draft module
  • teams can have 10 minutes late to start the draft, and 30 minutes of preparation between the end of the draft and the match start
  • the use of bug items is forbidden


During the rounds, the draft letter for each match is determined as follows: if a team had less often the choice than its opponent in its previous matches, then it has the letter choice for the match. If both teams had so much choice in their previous matches, then the letter choice is randomly assigned.

A victory earns 3 Tournament Points, a draw earns 1 Tournament Point, a defeat earns no Tournament Points. Additional Points are also distributed as defined in the general regulations.

The classification criteria are in order of priority: Tournament Points > Percentage of Victory of Opponents encountered (PVA) > Additional Points > Direct result between the teams. Tie-break games will be held as needed on 06/01/20 8pm.


The 32 best teams in qualifiers are qualified in playoffs. These are structured around a classic combat tree, where the 1st fight the 32nd, the 2nd the 31st, etc.

The confrontations are played in 2 winning matches (BO3). The highest-ranked team in qualifiers has the draft letter choice in games 1 and 3, the other team has it in game 2.