KT Finals

from 01/11/2020 to 29/11/2020


The KT Finals are the highlight of the KTA season.

After several months of tournaments, the top 16 PVP teams of the year qualify for this elite tournament reserved for champions.

At the end of the road, glory and great rewards!


Champions : 50% of the cashprize + Champion set + Escukateon of choice + The title "Seasonal Warrior"

Finalists: 30% of the cash prize

Semi-finalists: 10% of the cashprize

The cashprize consists of an initial amount of €5,000 and 40% of the sales of DOFUS cosmetic items eVirizeone and "Breath of Virizeon" put up for sale during the event.


The rules includes the KTA general rules.

It is forbidden to play several characters from the same team during the whole tournament.

All times are on UTC+1.


The KT Finals are reserved for the top 16 teams of the KTA season, according to the following criteria:

  • Each winner of a Gold League Championship has a direct qualifying spot.
  • The 4 semi-finalists of the Inglorium have a direct qualifying place
  • Remaining spots are distributed to the teams with the most KTA points during the season.
  • If a team withdraws before the start of the championship, the next team in the ranking takes its place.


The KT Finals start with a group phase, with 4 groups of 4 teams.


Before the draw of the groups, each team receives a seed. The first criterion of the seed is whether or not the team had a direct qualification place at the KT Finals, the second is the number of KTA points. In the draw, each group is composed of a seed team 1 to 4, a team 5 to 8, a team 9 to 12 and a team 13 to 16.

Each team plays every other team in its group in round robin matches on the same card, being alternately A and B on the draft.


The dates of the matches are :

  • Sunday 01/11: pools A and B Day 1
  • Wednesday 04/11: pools C and D Day 1
  • Friday 06/11 : pools A and B Day 2
  • Sunday 08/11: pools C and D Day 2
  • Wednesday 11/11: pools A and B Day 3
  • Friday 13/11: pools C and D Day 3


The organization of the matches is similar to that of the Gold League Championship. For each group, the 4 matches of one day must be played as follows:

  • The draft of the first game of match 1 starts at 8pm.
  • The draft of the first game of match 2 starts at 8:30 pm.
  • For the second game of each match, the draft must begin within 10 minutes of the end of the first game.
  • As all games are streamed, players must wait for the start signal of the stream before starting a game.
  • Teams will be notified in advance if they are scheduled to start their match at 8:00 or 8:30 pm.


A win earns 3 Tournament Points, a draw 1 Tournament Point and a loss 0 Tournament Point. Each game is considered independently, there is no bonus to win both games of a match.

Additional points are also distributed as indicated in the general rules.

The ranking criteria are: Tournament Points > Direct confrontations (without taking into account the number of deaths) > Additional points > Seed.


There is no forfeit due to delays during the groups. Nevertheless, penalties are applied in case of exceeding the timetables, according to the following list:

  • Delay n°1: warning
  • Delay n°2 : 30 Additional Points
  • Delay n°3 : 1 Tournament Point
  • Delay n°4 : 2 Tournament Points
  • Delay n°5 : 3 Tournament Points
  • Delay #6: Elimination of the tournament

Every 3 minutes after the sanction of a delay, an additional delay will be distributed if the team is still not ready.



The first two teams in each group qualify for the playoffs.

A first team in its group plays a second team. The two teams from each group are arranged on either side of the tree and therefore cannot compete until the final.

The draw for the quarterfinals will be made live on the Twitch KTV_fr channel on 13/11 after the end of all the matches of the day.


The dates of the matches are :

  • From Sunday 15/11 to Wednesday 18/11: one quarter-final per day
  • Saturday 21/11: Semi-final 1
  • Sunday 22/11: Semi-final 2
  • Sunday 29/11: final


The quarter finals are played in BO3. The first draft starts at 8pm, then the matches and drafts follow one another until one of the teams wins.

The semi-finals and the final are played in BO5. The first draft starts at 6pm, then matches and drafts are played until one of the teams wins.

Teams have a 10 minute break after the end of a match to start the next draft.

The criteria of the team choosing the letter of the draft for games 1, 3 and 5 are : Group ranking > Seed.