Tournoi des Parchomanciens - Dynamo

from 01/11/2021 to 14/11/2021


Welcome to the Temporis 6 Scrollsayers Tournament!

This tournament is Dynamo's one. If you are on Nyan, go here.


  • Top 32 : "Valiant Scrollsayer" title
  • Semi-finalists : 6-months subscription pack
  • Finalists : 1-year subscription pack
  • Champions: "Armoured Sherajah" ceremonial petsmount + Master Pack + Champion set


It is strongly recommended to join the KTA Discord server.


The tournament is played in teams of 2 on the Temporis Dynamo server. It is forbidden to start a match with an incomplete team.

During the matches, the spells used by a player cannot be used by his teammate. This restriction only concerns strictly identical spells: it is possible to use 2 versions of the same spell existing at 2 different levels. The only exception is the Summon Skill.

It is forbidden to play the spells Clash and Guardrail at the same time in a team.

It is forbidden to summon an Arachnee.

It is forbidden for a player to play more than one character, either in the same team or in several different teams.

All times are on UTC+1.

The tournament runs from 01/11/21 to 14/11/21 according to the dates and times in the Calendar tab. It is composed of 9 Swiss rounds and then final phases from RO32.

The times indicated are those of the draft: it is useless to be connected in game at this time, it is only necessary to be present on the draft module (see following paragraph).

A match is never restarted, except by decision of the organization.

It is forbidden to leave the preparation phase of a fight while being alone in your team.

It is forbidden to leave a match if it has consequences on the continuity of the match.

It is forbidden to arrange a match result.

If a team wishes to benefit from a forfeit victory due to a fault of its opponents, it must manifest itself immediately after the fault is committed. Continuing the draft or the match without informing the organization and the opponents after this fault means giving up the right to forfeit.

Spectator mode must remain open during all matches.

After each match, teams must report the result with a screen on their match sheet, available from the Matchs tab. In case of victory by forfeit of the opposing team, the result must also be reported with a screen of the draft not made and the time.


All matches are played after a spell draft phase. During this draft, each team bans 6 spells that the opposing team will not be allowed to use in the match. This phase goes like this:

  • Team A bans 1 spell
  • Team B bans 2 spells
  • Team A bans 2 spells
  • Team B bans 1 spell
  • Team A bans 1 spell
  • Team B bans 2 spells
  • Team A bans 2 spells
  • Team B bans 1 spell

A spell is only banned for the opposing team: the banning team can still use it.

Only common spells can be banned, it is impossible to ban class actives.

The common spell Gangrene cannot be banned, in order to ensure the possibility of having erosion in combat.

Each team has 1 minute to think about each ban (in case of 2 consecutive bans, the team has 2 times 1 minute). If no choice is made by a team at the end of the allowed time, its turn is lost.

A draft module, accessible from the game sheets, will allow to make the draft.

During the final phases, the bans are accumulated at each match: the spells banned during the previous matches remain so for the rest of the confrontation, and the new bans come in addition.

The teams are allowed a maximum of 10 minutes delay to launch the draft. Once this delay is over, if a team is not ready, it can be declared forfeit by its opponents.

After the draft, teams have 15 minutes to start the game. Once this delay is over, if a team is not ready, it can be declared forfeit by its opponents.


To register, each team member must have a KTA account (creation link). Then one of the team members must click on the Register button on this page to enter the KTA nicknames, the in-game nicknames and the class of each player.

Only characters of level 190 and above can register. If you have a lower level, you will be eliminated at the beginning of the tournament.

The 2 classes of the team must be different. There are no other class restrictions.


The first phase of the tournament consists in 9 Swiss rounds.

After 2 forfeits of a team, this one is eliminated from the tournament, without possible exception.

Teams will be assigned to A or B on the draft according to the number of times they had each letter before, in order to balance as much as possible.

During the Swiss rounds, matches end at the beginning of round 21. If a team is in numerical superiority, it wins the match. Otherwise, it is a draw.

A win earns 3 Tournament Points, a draw earns 1 Tournament Point, a loss earns no Tournament Points. Winning a fight with 1 or 2 characters alive has no effect on the team's points.

After the Tournament Points, a second ranking criterion is used: the PVA. It is the average of the % of victory of the various opponents met by the team.

In the case of a tie at the end of the rounds, the following criteria are determined for the ranking: Direct result between the teams, then Best beaten team.


The 32 best teams in qualifiers are qualified in playoffs. These are structured around a classic combat tree, where the 1st fight the 32nd, the 2nd the 31st, etc.

All matches are played in 2 winning games (BO3).

The highest ranked team in the qualifiers has the choice of the draft letter for games 1 and 3, the other team has it for the game 2.